The World of Paradox

I've titled this article The World of Paradox because first, paradox is one of my favourite words in the English language because it is so complicated in itself. We don't really know what the word means and how would a situation ideally be different from a paradoxical situation and would be termed as something "ironic".



That's what would appear on your screen when you collect the green mushroom in a game of Super Mario Bros. In other words, your character gains an extra life. Oddly enough, in real life, we do not get an extra life. We have just the one. Various people have tried to figure out what "life" … Continue reading 1UP (WIP)


There are times when interacting with strangers, you feel completely awkward. Especially when you want to impress that person. But sometimes, you want to show that you're made of tougher stuff and would do something totally alien to your character. I experienced a similar state of mind, a falsity, on what would seem like an ordinary … Continue reading Bravado