Government Offices

I had to go to a government office today. The very thought of it had made me cringe. Sometimes the freelance life isn't so easy because one tends to have the luxury of not choosing to do something and blame it on laziness. It's tough to make up one's mind and really push hard to … Continue reading Government Offices

Clinical Thoughts

While I sat in the waiting line Outside the doctor's cabin, I could only laugh Thinking of the response I'd give the chemist. "How are you?" I'd ask him. "I'm fine, how are you?" He'd ask back, as a matter of courtesy. "Unfortunately, whenever I meet you, I'm not too well." And so it happened, … Continue reading Clinical Thoughts

Public space

Note: This is the first time I'm blogging through a phone! Mostly because I'm feeling extremely lazy to switch on my laptop. Which I realise has been a constant way of putting off writing until later. So let's see if touchscreen blogging is worth anything, and if it has any drastic effect on my *notification: … Continue reading Public space